lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013


10.30 a.m
MoMA/  5th floor
Coolters starts the observation: FAMILY GALLERY TALKS PROGRAM

 1.Discussing painting in big groups. 
Nice educator dressed in green T-shirt ask question about color, position of characters in the picture. She asks kids to imitate pose (movement) of characters in the painting. She asks about emotion of characters based on their facial expressions.

2. Making list of characters characteristics as familiy groups. 
Kids work with parents to describe character. Kid tell parents an additive to describe character in the painting. Parents write down kids answers.

Kids describe their chosen character. Frank little boy, doing the splits, alone (his mom talked about the character age and why he was alone). 
Feelings: sad, happy.
Objects: toy, hat, umbrella.
Situations: party, police, breaking up crowd, outside or inside?

4. Educator asked group if it reminded them of a place in NYC. 
Diverses answers: Central Park, Parade-Festival, Church (places they went with their families)

5. Educator explained meaning of the E.L. Kirchner´s painting. 

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