lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013


The stairs at Lawrence Auditorium in Nobles School, Dedham, are covered by carpet. We three take a seat. The time is probably 10:30 am on March the 9th. Though the carpet is not Aladdin's, it feels as though it could be an American dream-like carpet representing my dissertation.

Thanks Howard Gardner for your disposition and time. Concepcion Naval, my PdH director, is behind me. Supportive.
How can I do a proper interview to evaluate Families Programs in Museums?
Can you look over this questionnaire that I have prepared, Howard?
He reads it and gives a great piece of advice. This is the beginning of my field work. 

Next Tuesday, educators at the MFA in Boston are expecting us. 
Esa Saarinen, great philosopher and lecturer, appears after his the conference.  He took my camera and freeze the great moment. A thesis work in progress. Great ideas to go far beyond into the evaluation work. What matters to evaluate.

Esa Saarinen inspired me with his words. The purpose is not to check tasks off a list. The purpose is to find some points that connect with the Truth, the Love and the BEAUTY that Families can find in a privileged space: The Art Museums. 

Engage families in the role of society. Engage parents with children and teens in an informal educational space, such as a Museum, and promote new ways of communication and knowledge between them. This is something that happens every weekend in many Museums all over the world.
Focusing on their motivations and experiences as couple-customers, as family-groups, can be very useful to disclose how greatly these factors contribute in developing a more ethical, excellent  human being.

A GoodPurpose to take away: Elevate the role of the family in the society. It’s a great carpet to be shared as we work to design the big picture together. 


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  1. Que privilegio haber podido chalas con Howard Gardner!!! Ánimo con esa tesis, es un tema apasionante.